Astral projection is believed to be a process in which the soul leaves the physical body for a short period. During this time, the body remains alive after which the soul goes back to the body. The person then awakens and recalls the out-of-body experience.

Best Astral Projection Information

The human soul is capable of achieving 3 types of this out-of-body experience called astral projection, namely:

• Spontaneous astral projection
• Meditative astral projection
• Unconscious astral projection


Individuals who have experienced the spontaneous kind of astral projection claim to have suddenly found themselves standing beside their bodies or watching their bodies from above. According to these individuals, the experience just happens without any effort on their part. In short, they just find themselves in the situation. In most cases, spontaneous astral projections are short-lived because these individuals panic as soon as they find themselves out of their physical bodies. This shock pulls them back into their bodies instantly ending the out-of-body experience.


This kind of astral projection is induced through intense meditation, unlike spontaneous projection which happens spontaneously or unexpectedly. Since the meditative astral projection happens intentionally, the individual gets the freedom to choose the time and location to come into contact with his or her out-of-body experience.


Those who regularly practice astral projection believe that the soul often breaks out of our bodies during heavy sleep without our knowledge. This fact, according to them, should reassure or ease the fears most of us carry regarding astral projection.

How to Induce an Astral Projection through Meditation

There are various types of meditations that can be used to induce an astral projection, but before we get to that, it is important to first get over the natural fear factor of releasing your soul from your physical body. Do not attempt to release your soul until you are no longer fearful of the process.


• Choose a venue for your meditation. The ideal venue should be a place without any interruptions or noise, and somewhere with just the right temperatures – not too cool, and not too warm.
• This venue should also be a place where you feel extremely safe and adequately protected.
• You may choose to do this alone or with a trusted friend.
• Remove your shoes and wear comfortable clothes – a robe would do if you have one.
• Wear your hair loosely and remove any jewelry, eyeglasses, or contact lenses.
• Lie down, sit, or recline –take whatever position you feel most comfortable.
• Cover yourself with a comforter or a light blanket as your body temperature will drop as you go deeper into meditation.
• Adjust the room’s lighting to low as it is the best lighting to stimulate relaxation.
• Play soothing music, burn incense, light a candle and focus on it.
• Relax your body and mind completely.
• Practice deep breathing.

Take note of the fact your first attempt may or may not lead you to an out-body-experience. If you are lucky and relaxed enough, it is possible for you to achieve an astral projection within the first few trials. All in all, everyone is different, and it is wise to move at your own pace, and you will soon experience your first OBE (out of body experience).

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